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Social Profile of Kerala


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Social Profile of Kerala

The people in Kerala are called as Malayalees or Keralites, and they are of Dravidian origin. The Kerala people speak in Malayalam and are differentiated from the rest of India in that most of them are literate. The people in Kerala are politically aware and well read, and the Hindus, extremely caste conscious. Opinions of Kerala Society are displayed in public places like streets, markets and walls of buildings.

Kerala is India’s statistical aberration! Women are the majority population, average life expectancy is closer to that in the US than India, literacy rates are nearly double that of the rest of India. Traces of a matriarchal scheme signify that Malayali women relish a degree of social esteem rejected to women in most other communities. The Nairs are Kerala’s only performing matriarchy today.

Origin of Kerala People

  • Negritos: The earliest known inhabitants of Kerala were the Negritos. The people of this race mainly lived by hunting and by accumulating plants and fruits.
  • Australoids: After the Negritoes came the Proto-Australoids, who disperse over the entire India. These belonged to the identical race as the present-day Australian Aborigines.
  • Dravidians: By 700 B.C., the Dravidians, who migrated from the Mediterranean area, disperse to the whole India especially in the south, supplanting the Austrics and Negritoes alike.
  • Aryans: After the Dravidians came the Aryans who had already settled down in the north India from the Mesopotamian area. They migrated to South India during circa 300 B.C.

Today, Kerala people are a mixture of different races, beliefs and ethnicity. The majority of Keralites carries three racial strains in their genetic make-up; Munda, Dravidian and Aryan. Of this, most of today's Keralites have a Dravidian ancestry. Regardless, numerous of them pride themselves on their Aryan descent. The major tribes who inhabit the hills of Kerala are Kanis, Kadar, Uralis, Kanikkar and Paniyar.

Language of Kerala

Malayalam is the language of Kerala. Keralites are popularly called as "Malayalees", because of the language. Kerala is the first state in Indian with 100% literacy. The authorized language of Kerala is Malayalam but English too is widely used and is taught in schools and Universities. Malayalam is considered to be a perfect language it has 56 alphabets and many vowels, making every word and accent effortlessly pronounceable to the Malayalees. Kerala is one of the most progressive state in the angle of communal welfare and quality of life.

Attire of People of Kerala

The women mostly dress with Sari, which is a six meters of fine thread or cotton fabric. The more convenient dresses like Churidar and Western fashion styles are well liked among the young ladies and girls. The men mostly used to wear trousers and shirt like the rest of the world.

However one should not be shocked if they wear their traditional "Kasavu Mundu", a three to four meters long cotton fabric piece of cloth with silk boundary, as prescribed dress and at home as the informal dress they mostly wear a colourful piece of cloth called Kaily or Lunky. Mundu is more well liked in the local villages. The normal style of a Malayalee is wearing a "Mundu", top enclosed with a fine threaded piece of cloth called "Melmundu" and timber slippers called as "Methiyadi".

The very intriguing thing about a Malayalee is his mustache. Almost 90% of the men having a pleasant mustache. It is very very simple to recognize a Malayalee. Most of the Malayalees love to have a beautiful beard too.

Keralites living across the world

Malayalees are living all over the world. About 2.5 million Keralites, that means about 8% of the total population, in the Gulf nations are Malayalees. Also a large number of Malayalees are living in USA, UK and other European countries. A survey shows that about 30% of Computer programs professionals in USA are from India among them 20% are from Kerala.

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