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Famous Fish Markets in Kerala


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Famous Fish Markets in Kerala

Kerala enjoys unique geographical features with long shorelines and serene beaches especially the backwaters. Kerala is famous for its exotic sea food specialties, and marine fishery has a prominent place in the economy of Kerala and serves as a source of livelihood for thousands of locals and fishermen in the state. The fishing industry has grown substantially over the years and has dominated the export of varieties of fishes and sea food. However, apart from this Kerala is marked by its distinct character of local fish markets which are worth a visit. Common features such as stalls with piles of sea food varieties and noises from salesmen can be found at all the markets around the state. Locals go there for fresh buys and so can the tourists to try their skills as a canny shopper. Following is a list of some of the popular fish markets around Kerala:

Kerala Famous Fish Markets

Fish Market – Mukkola –Thiruvananthapuram

Arriving at the Mukkola Junction, tourists can head to the Mukkola Market to get the typical feel of the Kerala’s rural market which displays an array of shops for fish and vegetables. The market which comes to life during the day time is popular for the unique experience it offers with a range of fish varieties which is no less than a shopping paradise for fish lovers. The market is popular amongst tourists not only for picking up some of the best fishes but also for variety of other products which are on sale, many of which are manufactured by the locals. The market has a raw feeling to it with multitude of activities occurring in a limited area where you can observe the local women skillfully engaging into selling, transacting and so on.

Modern Fish Market Ettumanoor

The modern fish market in the Ettumanoor town in the Kottayam district of Kerala has been recently developed as a part of the National Fisheries Development Project which is first of its kind in the state. The Modern Fish Market is quite popular as most of the neighboring town in that region depends on this Fish Market. As compared to other rural fish markets which are unorganized, this market is based inside a modern building complex with proper fish vending stalls, freezing units and waste disposal units. The modern fish market has brought much relief to the locals as it has helped make fishery shopping not only convenient but also hygienic and reliable.

Fish Market Varkala

Fish marketThe fish market in Varkala is one of the oldest and quite popular amongst the locals where one can find a variety of fishes at cheap rates. The Varkala fish market is often referred to as the delights of the ocean where one can find everything required to cook a perfect sea food meal. The fish market is located on the beach, and one can spot local women selling dried fish. One can spend considerable time walking in the market due to its unorganized character, however, the variety of fishes and sea food options compensates for it.

Fish Market Thrissur

Fish market in Thrissur is one of the biggest in Kerala and gets its supplies from the coastal and inland fishing villages of Thrissur that adds to the extensive variety which one can find here. The rich and various species of fishes available in the fish market here although can be a tempting option, but be prepared for foul odour and unorganized nature of the market and can raise some hygiene issues. But apart from these limitations of the market, it continues to be the largest in the state and a source of livelihood for a large number of people in and around the city.

Fish Market Pulluvila

Pulluvila is a small village in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, which is also referred a coastal hamlet and features a vibrating life of the rurals. The fish market in Pulluvila is very lively most during the evening times with a wide variety of fresh fish items on sale. The market is a popular amongst the locals as it supplies them with all the staple food needs from fish variety to vegetable and livelihood as well. The market can be spotted with a lot of rural women displaying their art of smart selling while they are good at bargaining, one can manage to get a good deal at a reasonable rate here.

Champakkara Fish Market Kochi

The Champakkara fish market is a marketplace which is located at Vyttila-Thrippunithura Road in Kochi city. Buying fishes at this local market of Kochi might appear as a difficult task but this is one place where buyers find extravaganza of seafood. The Kochi fish market displays a sprawling exhibition where one can get to choose from a wide and exotic variety of fishes. The market is hub for all manner of fishes be it saltwater, freshwater, wild and farmed or even frozen. The Fish market in Kochi is a part of the daily lives of the local for their every day needs of buying fishes, however, even tourists cannot miss visiting the market to experience the variety and local lifestyle.

Kollam Fish Market

Kollam is an old seaport and city in Kerala which is famous for its local fish market located north of Kollam. The view of this market is lively and amazing in a way that the small port offers a variety of fishes every day by just a few fishing boats landing one by one. The fish market like any other fish market has characters such as noise, smell and movement but millions of Sardines and crates on one small port mark its distinctive character.

Fish Market Tellicherry

The fish market in Tellicherry is vibrant marked with the earnest efforts of fisherman displaying their all day’s hard work along the smell of salt and sea. The locals are definitely dependent on the market for their daily seafood needs especially in a state like Kerala where fish is the staple food for the locals. Tellicherry is a popular commercial town along the Malabar Coast which brings to its local market the variety of freshly caught fish on side of the counters.

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