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Romantic Getaways in Kerala


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Romantic Getaways in Kerala

What do couple looking for a romantic getaway need? They are on the lookout for some peace and quiet far removed from the humdrum rush and tumble of everyday life. The ideal place is to get away into nature’s lap and look for the vastness of azure skies, large stretches of greenery as well as crystalline pockets of pools and waterways. Such a place would have the sublime serenity of a holy land on the one hand and the allure of indulgent cultural expositions in the form of classical songs, dances and a wide variety of handicrafts on the other.

These getaways may range from hilly stations and languid valleys to coastal beaches as also the inland back waters. Kerala offers a number of such getaways all through its beautiful length and breadth.

Kerala has it all, whether it is the lush paddy fields as also the tall coconut plantains or the long white stretches of sand that stretch along the beaches. There are verdant green hills and rippling streams and waterfalls that seem like they have been taken from a picture postcard. There are also a number of lakes and back water rivers that connect the land and offer several secluded spots for a couple to hideout and savor the unlimited bounty of the countryside.

Beautiful Vagamon – a Quintessential Hill Station

Vagamon in Kerala

A pristine emerald set in the green crown of Kerala is Vagamon. It has been declared to be one among the fifty most desirable places to be visited in the country. This deduction was arrived at by the National Geographic. Located at a distance of about sixty five kilometers from Kottayam, is this scenic haven of Kerala.

The indulgence of the weather here is amazing. Summer is long and pleasant as the altitude of over eleven hundred feet makes for a soothing temperature even on peak summer days. The thick forest is covered with pines and other deciduous plantation. Milky mists ascend to the tops of the hills from the lush green valleys which are interspersed with rivulets, streams, waterfalls and natural lakes and ponds. All these provide several niches for the romantic duo to strike up a chord while contemplating upon the richness of the environment. Walking along the valleys and resting upon the rocky hillsides all give ample time for resurrecting the embers of romance.

The highway cutting through the hard rock is a marvel in engineering and provides easy access to this beautiful hill station with its quaint shops and various offers of accommodation as well as the several eating joints that offer up delectable fare to satiate the most hungry and choosy of travelers visiting from across the world. The large tracts of green give the entire area a feeling of infinite vastness. One is led to believe that it is altogether different world from whence one had come.

The surprise element is the bowers of exotic orchids hanging from some of the large forest covered trees. There is a tremendous variety that holds all those who seem them spellbound so breathtaking is the ethereal beauty of these flowers. This little hilly station offers a number of nooks and crannies of discovery that would keep the couple happily occupied and together as they unraveled the mysteries of this quaint little universe.

Picturesque Thekkady

Among the land-locked places that have been preferred by honeymooners for long is Thekkady of Kerala. There are a number of places in this tiny town snuggled up between the coastal and the mountainous region that afford a memorable experience for the couple visiting it for the first time. There are number of ecological niches that have captured nature’s beauty and have become a veritable retreat for several varieties of exotic birds. It is the beauty of these natural pockets that has been luring nature lovers from all over the world.

It is the natural bounty of the environment and provides a rare inner peace and solace to the soul. It is this peace that many a troubled soul seeks but for a newly married couple this may well be the deep foundation of a fruitful relationship that will last in their minds and hearts for ever. It is the deep-seated blessing of nature that has been like a benediction on everyone who visits the region.

Munnar - A Mesmerizing Hilly Getaway

Munnar in Kerala

A tiny little hill town tucked away into the thickly wooded area of Kerala is Munnar. It has been a favorite watering point for most couples making a beeline for a honeymoon resort or just a simple hideaway far from the push and tumble of live. It is most definitely a place to pick up the threads of Roman and many of them are tuned in fully to having their days packed with all forms of quite entertainment.

Among the most scenic attractions of Munnar is the site of the confluence of the three eminent rivers of the region namely, the Muthirapuzha, the Nallathanni and the Kundale. It is a most attractive spot as it is surrounded by several rocky interfaces where a couple may sit for hours and swell upon the bounty of nature while also introspecting upon the depth of feelings one may have for the other. The deep forested cover is inviting for long walks and the various streams and rivulets provided ample rest stops where the couple may sit and reflect upon their joint approach to life for now and forever. In fact, the entire surroundings have a timelessness to them that affords the romantic couple with a feeling of time standing still and only their relationship moving forward.

This hilly station has been a great romantic getaway for many a honeymooning couple. Besides the above two, the other sought after hill stations of Kerala are Gavi and Ponmudi as well as Parunthumpara.

All these hilly terrains also offer up long drives into the sunset along well maintained highways. Idukki and Thamarasserchuram both have on offer long, enjoyable drives along the undulating highways that dip and curve in a delightful experience.

Languor of Wayanad

Another hill station blessed with amicable and very tolerant weather. There are a number of resorts especially an island resort that offer up a number of services including Panchakarma Massage Therapy, Yoga, Ayurvedic treatments and Satvic foods for detoxification and cleansing the mind body and soul. An interesting feature is the tree-house being offered in some of the resorts where one has the exotic thrill of living far above the land in the natural environment and having the crispy rustle of leaves sing one a lullaby to bed everyday. It would certainly prove to be a most interesting, different and independent honeymoon for any couple.

The scenic beauty of this hilly, forested, waterways intensive haven for the romantic heart has a large compendium of scenic beauty that unravels gradually as the tourists discover some of the places already celebrated as sightseeing niches and investigate some purely new ones. Among the older ones are the two waterfalls called the Meenmutti and the Soochipara which are especially appreciated because of the cool atmosphere they provide, the soothing bathes that are taken in the tranquil pool formed below the falls.

Alappuzha as the Venice of the East

Among the romance capitals of the world, Venice ranks high but in India there is the greener and more earthy replica which brings people closer to the God and helps them discover each other in the truest form of exploration that two people may embark upon. The somnolent surroundings of the Kerala backwaters are just the prescription for the initiation of a healthy relationship and mending any kinks in the feelings and thoughts of couples as they learn to rediscover their moods and flow of actions as they become one with their surroundings.

There are innumerable places along the backwaters as the couple takes a boat ride and finds the many quaint little curious shops dotting their route. Even if they are not inclined to do any shopping the boat ride is an experience in itself. Each journey seems to be a new one and each time the boat ride ends the couple is already mentally prepared to schedule the next one soon.

Just travelling around the backwaters provides enough entertainment and variety that the couple is satiated totally after having planned a short honeymoon in this idyllic haven of Alappuzha.

Beaches of Kovalam

Among the most enjoyable moments a couple can have is to spend time on the beach before an eternity of water and sands with not a care in the world. Kovalam is one such place with a number of beautiful beaches available that have inviting white sands for simply lying around or even setting up a net game or even simply walking hand in hand at the very edge of the waters and the sandy beech head.
Kovalam is a picturesque setting for romantic couples to spend hours in investing their future with golden plans and promises that are made all the more memorable in the resplendent sunrises and sunsets experienced on these golden beaches.

Long walks along the sandy beaches and resting among the coconut groves where some of the coconut trees are so inclined as to provide veritable horizontal swing like seats for those wanting to rest awhile and may be even spend long moments just drinking in the calm and peaceful environment. The azure skies, the blue waves, the shimmering sands and even the dappled green shade of the canopy of coconuts overhead.

For further indulgence and relaxation one may even take up the services of the Ayurveda massage as well as Yoga centers being run by a number of reputed organizations and professionals in the vicinity. The romantic symphony of physical and mental relaxation coupled with the thoughts of a couple in total synchronization embodies the fulfillment of a true romantic getaway.

House-Boating in Kumarakom

Kumarakom in Kerala

This house-boat sojourn promises to be one of the most unique experiences to be had in the waterways of southern India. There are a wide range of house-boats, some of which are even sail boats and motor boats for moving around the backwaters. The range of boats is quite quaint and unusual. There are the closely woven plantain leaves tightly tied with ropes to form a rounded basket which is eminently sea-worthy. It is locally called a “Kettuvallom”. The idea of floating around in these baskets seems greatly romantic and most couples are willing to try it at least once. The idea of floating along slowly on the undulating waters under a cloudless sky is a romantic ideal that has lured many a couple to the lap of Kerala’s natural bounty for creating a memorable romantic experience.

Some of the house-boats are state-of-the-art living spaces that have held many a tourist spell bound. They are literally houses, fully equipped with all the creature comforts and attendants to look after the hospitality of the couple renting the house-boat. Once on these boats, the couple can travel along the backwaters and stopover at some of the pre-charted or even uncharted routes to help the travelers have a good time. They could spend hours on the waters and then stop at some of the island shops and markets to pick up provisions, local crafts and even other souvenirs as per their needs or desires. Kumarakom has a number of places around that can be visited on a free and unhurried schedule. This would give the couple ample time to work on strengthening their relationship and working out the kinks, if any.

Island Getaway at Poovar

Among all the other romantic getaways there is only one that has been applauded as one of the most sought after destinations for honeymooners and first holidays among couples. Poovar island is situated just about thirty kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram and is ideally juxtaposed between the backwaters and the Arabian Sea. The accommodation on offer here is most interesting. It comprises resorts that are built on water as well as on land. Many a romance has been initiated in the amazing surroundings of living on water. It is a mixture of the modern and the traditional where solar voltaic cells on the roofs provide electricity and hot water on the one hand and the elaborate stick figure paintings lend an old-world charm to the earthenware walls and boundaries of these residences. The curtains and partitions are made up of medicinal plants. Thus, these homes that can be taken on rent have all the appointments of luxury and yet are sites for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation because of the traditional therapies being practiced by them.

The Poovar islands present a romantic getaway for the newly weds as well as for those who want to re-install the old flame in their lives. The therapies presented here are relaxing and invigorating so that one goes away totally renewed. It is of great wonder that the very first of its kind ‘Tsunami-proof’’ building has been constructed here. Thus, the Poovar island has held the interest of several tourists over the years but as a romantic idyll it has been gaining ground gradually and many a couple have been putting it on their honeymoon destination itinerary.

Glistening Beaches of Bekal

Among the beachheads and waterfronts most popular among the tourism intensive places of Kerala is the Bekal Beach. The Bekal Beach has a Fort which had probably been constructed during the sixteenth century and which is visited by all who go there because of the fascinating experience it offers, once the couple accesses the rounded ramparts of the Bekal Fort it is an amazing sensation to hear the waves banging against the foot of the fort. The loud booming sound transports one into another world altogether. One can romanticize on the sound and imagine the old days when this could have been a vantage point to screen the seas for incoming and outgoing ships whether they were transporting goods or were making a bid for war. This fort would have proven a life-saving beacon for those travelling by night and even today many a romantic at heart can fantasize himself or herself in a position of excited anticipation of what may have happened in days of yore.

During the day the pristine white sands of the Bekal Beach invites one to spend the day in lazy thought while watching the endless play of the waves on the breakers. The days may go by simply reading or playing on the beach or even sitting with the feet tucked in to the waterline. There is no limit to the number of activities that people tend to indulge in when they are at peace with themselves. Romantic couples tend to store away these wonderful moments of togetherness in their memories and can often replay them back whenever they reminisce together. There are several moments that live on in the memory because they are pleasant, pleasurable and most happily spent together.

Many a tourist has turned the collection of shells and much of the flotsam and jetsam from the sea into a hobby. Mostly the days are sunny and cloudless, offering a variety of resplendent sunrises and sunsets which live in the mind’s eye long after the grandiloquent sinking of the orange orb into the heart of the similarly hued waters. The play of colors and the magical moments of spectral display just before twilight sets in are breathtaking to say the least. It is these magical moments that make up the memory bank of the couples who go back enriched evermore with their experiences.

Kochi’s allure

The capital of Kerala is Kochi. It is the industrial and the commercial capital as well in terms of its product outputs that have a market all over the world. Whether it is seen as a cultural manifestation of the centuries of heritage encapsulated in the temples and temple arts or the storehouse of education and erudition that it has become in the classical languages, Kochi is a much sought-after destination among couples wanting to fulfill their lifetime dream of satisfying their need to drink in the centuries of beauty and progress made in the fine arts as well as in language and literature under the royal patronage of the erstwhile kings and emperors.

Even today one is spellbound by the amazing atmosphere presented in some of the crowded streets and bazaars of the city. Despite the urban character the warmth and geniality with which most of the local people meet the visitors and tourists is impressive to say the least.

For the couple visiting any of the getaways in Kerala there is the promise of obtaining much more than they had even thought of besides getting an unexpected dose of fragrant spices, sandalwood essence and the perfumes of various extracts and fusions that have been dabbled in for centuries.

Romantic getaways may be many but the large variety and number offered by Kerala is unmatched anywhere else. Where on the one had are the relaxing therapies of Panchkarma and Ayurveda there is on the other the vast vista of environmental and ecological niches that unfold may a miracle of nature before the discerning eye. The ornate snake boats and the ultimate in luxury houseboats that traverse the backwaters are two sides of the self-same coin. Then there is also the tremendous variety of cuisine and methods of cooking that may leave one mesmerized totally. The romance is not merely in being together it is the imprinting of those memorable moments on the spiritual being of the two people and this imprinting is done by the sights, sounds, fragrances and sensations experienced only in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

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